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North-PHASE (Periodicity, Hot spots, Accretion Stability and Early evolution in young stellar clusters in the Northern Hemisphere) is a project led by the University of Dundee (UK) that "uses time to map space" to unveil the star-disk connection of young stars during the epochs of planet formation. The physical scales in the inner planet-forming disk and star are too small to be addressed by direct imaging, but time-resolved, multi-band photometric variability with broad- and narrow-band filters allows us to explore accretion, stellar spots and occultations by the innermost disk. Over 5 years, we can study how these change in timescales similar to inner planet orbits for thousands of young stars in clusters.

Link to the paper: North-PHASE: Studying Periodicity, Hot Spots, Accretion Stability and Early Evolution in young stars in the northern hemisphere

Tool What it Does Use it when...
V.O. Services Lets you access to images and objects data through Virtual Observatory (V.O.) protocols using V.O. compatible applications. V.O. services offered are Simple Cone Search (SCS), Table Access Protocol (TAP), . You want to use a V.O. compatible application to access catalogue data or images and you want to know the URL of the service.
V.O. Asynchronous Queries (ADQL) Lets you search the database for all objects that meet any criteria you can think of, then returns whatever object data you request. Database queries are in Astronomical Data Query Language (ADQL), which is basically a standardised version of SQL (ADQL help and examples). You want to answer a specific astronomical research question.
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