Alhambra_Quiescent_Galaxies-DR1 - V.O. Services

V.O. (Virtual Observatory) services are services based in the protocols defined by the Virtual Observatory. These services allow you to retrieve catalogue's data and images using V.O. compatible applications like TOPCAT, Aladin, ... (see V.O. Applications for astronomers)

Alhambra_Quiescent_Galaxies-DR1 - TAP Table Access Protocol

Table Access Protocol offers more flexible access to data tables. It allows you to retrieve catalogue data using as input a query in Astronomical Data Query Language (ADQL), which is basically a standardised version of SQL. Read more about ADQL.
Database Schemas URL
alhambra_quiescent_galaxies-dr1 quiescentgalaxies

Alhambra_Quiescent_Galaxies-DR1 - SCS Simple Cone Search

Simple Cone Search Service offers the simplest access to astronomical catalogues. It allows you to retrieve catalogue data on objects within a given radius around a specified location. Viewed in 3D, the radius defines a cone of space.
Database Table Url Maximum radius
alhambra_quiescent_galaxies-dr1QUIESCENTGALAXIES.QABASTI deg.
alhambra_quiescent_galaxies-dr1QUIESCENTGALAXIES.QABC03 deg.
alhambra_quiescent_galaxies-dr1QUIESCENTGALAXIES.QAPADOVA deg.

Alhambra_Quiescent_Galaxies-DR1 - HiPS Hierarchical Progressive Surveys

HiPS is the hierarchical tiling mechanism which allows one to access, visualize and browse seamlessly image and catalogue data.
Service Type URL