The J-PLUS-EDR HiPS catalogue

This Web resource contains HiPS(*) components for the CEFCA/j-plus/J-PLUS-EDR/I progressive catalogue.

Identifier: CEFCA/j-plus/J-PLUS-EDR/I
Type: HiPS catalogue
Orders supported: dict_keys([10])
Properties file: properties
Metadata file: metadata.xml
Moc file: Moc.fits
Base URL:
Tiles URL format:[1-orderMax]/Dir[0-9]*/Npix[1-ipixMax].tsv

This progressive catalogue can be displayed by the Aladin Desktop client (just open the base URL) or any other HiPS aware clients.

(*) The HiPS technology allows a dedicated client to access an astronomical table at any location and at any scale. HiPS is based on HEALPix sky tessellation and it is designed for astronomical scientifical usages. HiPS technical documentation is available here